October 12, 2017

In partnership with TM4 Inc. and Cummins Inc., STL recently announced plans to test two electric buses with range extenders. For this project, STL was looking to acquire an automatic fast charger to efficiently recharge buses at the terminal.

STL offers public transit services to the city of Laval in Québec, Canada. The network comprises more than 40 routes, with a ridership of approximately 20 million trips per year, for a population of 420,000 residents.

Commenting on the order, Nathalie Pilon, President of ABB in Canada, said: “We have invested heavily in the development of electric fast-charging technology and are delighted to play a role in bringing cleaner and more energy efficient transport to Laval. Ultimately, the vision is about reducing congestion, improving freedom of movement and creating a better environment. We are honored to work with STL, TM4 Inc. and Cummins Inc. on this exciting project, which takes us one step closer to realizing this vision.”

ABB has been a leader in enabling smarter, greener and emission free transport networks across the globe through its EV charging infrastructure and its ABB Ability™ platform, which allows for end to end network management for commercial vehicles such as buses. 

The STL order for ABB’s powerful charger, the HVC 450P, provides 450 kW DC output power and can recharge a battery in under six minutes. Importantly, this fast charge system is compatible with OppCharge, an interoperable and open interface for DC electric bus charging that uses a pantograph mounted on the infrastructure. OppCharge offers ‘opportunity charging’, where buses are charged while they wait at terminal bus stops, which are equipped with fast-charging infrastructure.

Having developed its fast-charging technology in partnership with leading vehicle manufacturers, ABB has been designed a modular solution that meets future requirements for electric vehicles. This future-proof design allows for less complex upgrades and is a cost-effective solution for operators.

ABB will be providing a full-scope project, including installation and civil works. The installation, scheduled for mid-2018, will be supported by a dedicated team of engineers and service personnel from ABB’s Center of Excellence in E-Mobility for North America (, which is based at the Campus Montréal, close to STL.

ABB has provided charging solutions as part of its drive to promote sustainable mobility since 2010 and has sold more than 6,000 cloud connected DC fast-chargers around the world for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.