Wieland Fasis

June 13, 2017

Wieland Electric Inc., introduces fasis WTP – DIN rail terminal with push-in terminals, with approvals for North America.

Push-in terminals provide a reliable, vibration proof connection that does not require special wire preparations or tools.  Push-in terminals reduce installation time while increasing reliability.

Wieland’s terminals have one of the lowest wire insertion force in the industry, making operation with stranded and fine wires possible.

Wieland’s fasis WTP terminal blocks incorporate a wire release lever. It allows insertion of very fine wires, and prevents insertion of the screwdriver in the incorrect hole.

The product line includes feed-through and ground blocks with 2, 3 or 4 termination points, as well as multi-tier blocks, and rating up to 8AWG, 41A and 600V.

Wieland’s fasis terminal blocks are extremely rugged and share many of the benefits found in our other terminal block families including similar marking and jumpering system which incorporate a perfect balance of technology using a copper current bar guaranteeing low contact resistance and a steel spring ensuring mechanical strength, durability and longer-term stability. 

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