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January 21, 2021

Electrimat is a major marketer of wholesale electrical equipment, heating and lighting. The company is headquartered in Brossard (Quebec) and has four branches on the Great Montreal area . Electrimat’s expert staff serves the industrial, commercial, institutional, residential, and public sectors with tailor-made solutions to suit their needs. Electrimat commits to source their customers through its rewards programs, the products they need regardless of whether they are available or not on the Electrimat Récompenses website (

An independent Quebec company for 40 years, Electrimat recently celebrated Christian Grenier and Mathieu Legris 10 years of ownerhip. “The year 2020 should have marked the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the company, but it will now be remembered by all as the year when managers and employees showed determination, solidarity and courage to enable them to get through this unprecedented global crisis,” declared Mathieu Legris at a recent event to announce a new logo that memorializes three milestones in the company’s history:

  • The 40th anniversary of Electrimat founded in 1980
  • The 10th anniversary of the acquisition of the business by the current owners
  • The promotion of Electrimat as an independent SME 100% Quebec-owned

For the owners of Electrimat, their association with AD went without saying. “As a member of the largest electrical supply buying and marketing group, we can offer the best of both worlds to our customers: the flexibility of an independent business and very competitive prices,” said Christian Grenier. He goes on to tell us, “We are a former member of IED. We were very happy with the merger with AD because we had a significant critical mass of independent wholesalers in Canada and AD has recognized expertise in all sales and marketing aspects of a distributor. The exchange between members on best business practices is very important to us.”

For Electrimat, AD offers flexibility in managing the company, enabling it to make decisions quickly, manage their inventory and branches independently, and access competitive prices thanks to the group’s purchasing power. Grenier also highlights other important benefits that their clients derive from belonging to AD. “We couldn't have provided our customers with a rewards program without our association with AD. It is a very flexible program that meets our specific needs. We can even promote it with our own branding ( Customers can use their points however they want, such as purchasing products or giving gifts to their customers or employees. We have noticed peak periods in point usage, such as the holiday season.”

In addition, Grenier wished to highlight the expertise of the workers at Electrimat Récompenses. He says he can always count on them to find a tailor made solution for their customers’ needs if the product is not already present on the Electrimat Récompenses website ( This is an invaluable service to them and to their clients.






Canadian Electrical Contractor Discussion Group: Can You Count the Deficiencies?

EIN CECD 400Have you ever been called to fix the work of a 'handyman'?

"Was supposedly done by a"certified ' electrician....told the homeowner that he got a $266 record at TSBC. Can you count the deficiencies?"

"There is a second panel change in the triplex also.......even more deficiencies. Think the guy was a glorified handyman. Ones not obvious: 240 BB heat hooked up 120....drier on 2p20....range on 2p50....water heater fed with 2c14 Bx on 2p15."

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Ideal's Stay Wired to WinIt's April, which means it's time for you to ignite your competitive spark with the a new challenge from IDEAL Nationals Canada. This month, IDEAL is asking you to show off your electrical knowledge with the most correct answers.

Five professionals and five apprentice winners will each take home a $100 VISA gift card and forged wire stripper from IDEAL.





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William (Bill) BurrBy William (Bill) Burr

Section 32 – Fire Alarm Systems, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, and Fire Pumps, as outlined in Rule 32-000 Scope, is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and provides additional and specific requirements for the location, installation, wiring, and protection, of

• local fire alarm systems

• permanently connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarms...

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LumenpulseBy Matthew Payette

A lighting programming and control narrative is a document that is essential to coordinate the design/construction process with a fully realized final architectural product. It defines how lighting will integrate into the space and ultimately how humans will interact with that same space.

Sometimes there is a gap between the initial visions of the designers and the final product. Other times, the final product and operation of the lighting systems is achieved but after much project management distress...

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11 Piece Insulated TorqueVario-S and SlimLine Blade Set• Individually tested to 10,000 volts AC and rated to 1,000 volts AC for safety and peace of mind.

• Meets VDE testing standards for protection against arc flash explosion.

• Torque accuracy of +/- 6% for confidence in precise tolerances.

• 33% narrower blade shafts for reaching deep set terminal block fasteners.

• Direct-molded insulation for protection against electrical shock and arc flash explosion.

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Jo Istanbul Four Seasons ABy Owen Hurst

Recently, Electrical Industry Canada has developed a relationship with Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE), a non-for-profit group developing resources and networking potential for women and all working or planning to work within the renewable energy sector. Aside from being the WiRE President & CEO, Joanna Osawe is the Global Business Development Manager of Major Projects for DMC Power Inc.

EIN sat down with Osawe to learn more about WiRE and the substantial benefits it provides. Joanna is very personable and open regarding her career and her ambition, as well as the opportunities she is developing for women nationally and globally. 

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