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2022 EIN Issues

Code Quiz Answer / The Future of Smart Home Technology June 28, 2022
NETCO OASIS Program / Succession Management June 21, 2022
Virtual Reality Training / Guide to the CE Code June 14, 2022
Apprenticeship Funding / 8 Personal Lessons June 7, 2022
Efficient Charging Management / Distributed Energy Resources May 31,    2022
May Product Issue May 27,    2022
IIoT / The Power of Sustainability / Test Your Knowledge of the Code May 24,    2022
Future Proofing Your Workforce / North America's Tallest Solar-Integrated Building May 17, 2022
Guide to the CE Code / NETCO Annual Conference May 10,    2022
Safety / Test Your Knowledge of the Code May 3,      2022
April Product Issue April 28,    2022
Power Quality / CE Code / Smart Technology April 26,    2022
Developing Employees Through Effective Coaching / Arc Flash Suits April 19,    2022
Canada Introducing Labour Mobility Deduction for Trades April 12,    2022
Test Your Knowledge on the CE Code / Alberta Passes Prompt Payment Legislation April 5, 2022
March Product Issue March 31, 2022
B.C Trade Certification / In Case You Missed It March 30, 2022
Interview with Adrian Thomas / Ontario Investing in Electrical Training March 22, 2022
Cordless Tools / Case Study / Diversity & Inclusion March 15, 2022
Time to Celebrate Women / Guide to the CE Code March 8,  2022 
GFCI & Ground Fault Protection / Hydrogen Hazardous Area Classification March 1, 2022
February Product Issue February 28, 2022
Lighting Project / Construction Trends / In Case You Missed It February 22, 2022
Changes to the CE Code / Project Management February 15, 2022
Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code: Section 56 / Advocating for Change February 8, 2022
Leadership, Lighting, Project Management, Power Quality February 1, 2022
January Product Issue January 27, 2022
Arc Flash & Shock Safety / Grid Modernization January 25, 2022
ECAO & NECA Partnership / ESA Technical Q&A January 18, 2022
CE Code / Interview with Charles Harte of LEDVANCE                          

January 11, 2022

Year in Review                                                                                                                                         January 4, 2022


2021 EIN Issues

December Product Issue December 30, 2021
Articles & Products From 2021 December 28, 2021
Suite Metering / Smart Devices & Renewable Energy December 21, 2021
Canadian Electrical Code / B.C. Implementing Trade Certification System December 14, 2021
Leadership / The Importance of Non-Technical Skills / EFC Scholarship Program December 7, 2021
Case Studies / Whitepapers / Innovation and Green Technology November 30, 2021

November Product Issue

November 25, 2021

Over Coming Challenges as an Apprentice / Ampacity Tables 

November 23, 2021
Arc Flash, Shock, and Fire Safety / Energy Management and Innovation November 16, 2021
Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code / Industry News & Events November 9, 2021
Electric Heating / Empowering Women in Trades November 2, 2021

October Product Issue

October 28, 2021
Arc Flash, Shock & Fire Safety / In Case You Missed It  October 26, 2021
Supporting Youth and the Skilled Trades / 2021 CE Code Changes Series  October 19, 2021

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code / Interview with an Industry Leader

October 12, 2021
Pathway Indicators for Apprentices / When Facts Won't Sway Them October 5, 2021

Succession Management and Planning / A Focus on Sustainable Innovation

September 28, 2021
Development, Implementation & Auditing Your Electrical Safety Program / Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code September 21, 2021
Road Map to the Canadian Electrical Code - Section 40 September 14, 2021
Hazardous Locations / Turning a 'Standard' into a Product September 7, 2021
Advanced Metering Infrastructure / DC Microgrids August 30, 2021
August Product Issue August 26, 2021
Peers & Profiles; Section 40 of the Canadian Electrical Code August 24. 2021
Safety / Electrification / Apprenticeship Funding August 17, 2021
Canadian Electrical Code; Electric Heating August 10, 2021
Apprenticeship Training; Electric Heating August 3, 2021
July Product Issue July 29, 2021

EV Charging Standards; Diveristy & Inclusion

July 27, 2021

Arc Flash & Shock Hazard / Tools & Equipment

July 20, 2021

CEC Road Map / Facing the Pandemic Together

July 13, 2021

Nanogrid Integration / In Case you Missed it

July 6, 2021

The rise of electric vehicles and North American Standards for EV charging stations / Will controls be key to Circadian lighting?

June 29, 2021

June Product Issue

June 24, 2021

ABCs of lighting controls / Avoiding deployment pitfalls / Yes, you need to document things

June 22, 2021

Stop Reacting to Arc Flash / 2021 CE Code Series

June 15, 2021

Code: Section 36 – High Voltage Installations / Diversity from an intersectional perspective / IECC on lighting controls

June 8, 2021

Lighting Control Product Focus / Keith Sones / Smart City Case Study

June 1, 2021

May Product Issue

May 27, 2021

Section 34 – Signs and Outline Lighting / Test your knowledge on the Code / Emergency lighting / Common mistakes and best practices

May 25, 2021

CaGBC Case Study / Meet Austin Brennan / Training Opportunities

May 18, 2021

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I* / Working Safely in Confined Spaces / 2021 Canadian Electrical Code Impact Assessment

May 11, 2021

Test & Measurement Safety / ARK Electrical Company Profile / Virtual Events & Training Opportunities

May 4, 2021

April Product Issue

April 30, 2021
Q & A on Motors & Generators – The answers / Section 32 – Fire alarm systems / Troubleshooting loss of power April 27, 2021
EDA Safety Forum / Test & Measurement Best Practices / New Products & Solutions April 20, 2021
The Code with Bill Burr / 5 ways of addressing pandemic fatigue to boost employee engagement / Building your lighting narrative control / Guide to Energy-Savings Incentives and rebates April 13, 2021
Introducing Shannon Tymosko / Keith Sones / New Products & Solutions April 6, 2021
Intelligent Buildings & Smart Infrastructure/CaGBC Case Study/New Partnerships and Investments March 30, 2021

March Product Issue

March 25, 2021
Q & A on the Code – The answers / Section 30 – Installation of Lighting Equipment / More guides to technical jobs March 23, 2021
Long Term Effects of Shock Hazard / Jennifer Green of Skills Ontario / Products & Solutions March 16, 2021
More on the Code with Bill Burr / Seizing the PoE opportunity / Troubleshooting loss of power March 9, 2021
4 technological disruptions that will change wiring and connectivity / Feeling safer at work with smart lighting / Economic read: business openings and closings increase March 2, 2021

February Product Issue

February 25, 2021
Q & A on the Code / More on motors and generators / Connected lighting February 23, 2021

Understanding Risk Levels with Terry Becker / Introducing Darci Spiteri / Test Your Knowledge of the Code

February 16, 2021
Code: Section 28 - Motors and Generators / Circadian lighting and controls / Meet George Filtsos / Sustaining teamwork during the pandemic February 9, 2021
Lighting controls for electricians / Electrical problems related to power quality / Watching and adapting to reality February 2, 2021

January Product Issue

January 28, 2021
Code 2021 is here / Meet Ian Howcroft, CEO of Skills Ontario / LED technology and food / Ready for a preventive maintenance? January 26, 2021
Updates to CSA Z462 / Interview with ESA's Soussana Karas / Test & Measurement Product Feature January 19, 2021
The 25 th Edition of the Canadian Code has arrived /Environmental and clean technology products sector in Canada reached for 3.0% of Canadian GDP / Electrical inspections with a thermal camera January 12, 2021
They made history in 2020 and will continue in 2021 / Test and measurement products and solutions January 6, 2021


2020 EIN Issues

Green Issue / Products for Electricians / Highlights from CaGBC and CanREA December 29, 2020
A year of safety / Prioritizing the CE Code / Maximizing energy use December 22, 2020
CSA Z462 2021 edition technical committee meeting / Building construction investment reached $12.4 billion in October / The entire industry has helped maintain essential services

December 15, 2020

Bill Burr on the CE Code’s Section 24 — Health care areas / Commercial lighting — Part 2 / Grow your own veggies December 8, 2020
Building permits going down in October / Clearing the air / Shedding some light on commercial and industrial LED applications

December 1, 2020

Code - Section 26 installation of electrical equipment / Don’t miss the good news on the changes to CSA Z462 Wor4kplace electrical Safety standard / How to build a control system November 24, 2020
Changes and updates to CSA ZX462 / Inclusive hiring — 8 tips to get there / Managing battery systems / How to illuminate co-working spaces / Accelerating electrification and decarbonization November 17, 2020

Setting up a lighting control system / Electrical code — Bill Burr / Where the economy is heading

November 10, 2020 
DC electricity for improve the energy efficiency of building systems / Considering connectivity while reconfiguring workspaces / Energy management and control systems November 3, 2020
Code on the installation of electrical equipment / Don’t be scared by safety / Leaders and the newest generation October 27, 2020
Getting arc flash and shock hazard standards right / Are multiple AC-to-DC conversions an option? / What is an Effective Projected Area (EPA)? / She-cession and COVID-19 October 20, 2020
CE Code Section 26 — Installation of electrical equipment / Better understanding the gradation curves in lighting / 260 GW of electricity on American continents for more than four decades October 13, 2020

Workplace Transmission — Best Practices / Ultraviolet C (UVC) Germicidal Devices / Dee at 20 years old — Why She Chose to Become an Electrician

October 6, 2020
Canadian Renewable Energy Forum/ RVE and MURB/ CaGBC Case Study

September 29, 2020

Electrical Industry News Week September Product Issue

September 24, 2020
Electrical Safety – are you concerned with electric shock hazard / What is the greenest form of heating? / Power quality / Code September 22, 2020

Danger: mental health at risk / UV rays to disinfect / Meet Graeme Aitken

September 15, 2020

Code: Section 22 — corrosive and moist environments / 5 reasons why supermarket lighting is evolving / Meet Rutul Bhavsar at Mohawk College

September 8, 2020

Circuit protection design, products and methods / Solutions to 4 real-world problems installers face daily / Key power quality parameters

September 1, 2020
Electrical Industry News Week August Product Issue

August 27, 2020

Code – Section 20 / CSA Z462 and risk assessment / Optimum combination to heat / Keith Sones more than what appear on the surface August 25, 2020
Radiant floor heating and heat pumps / Diversity, equity and inclusion — an update on the situation / Presentation on CSA Z462 standard on risk assessment August 18, 2020

Exploring the CE Code / Meet Tom Miguel / Recent economic figures / Post from our contributor Keith Sones

August 11, 2020
8 Tips for Choosing a Step-down Transformer / Troubleshooting networked lighting control / More on PoE and Safety August 4, 2020
Code and hazardous locations / Powered hand tools / Future of the market July 28, 2020

Electrical Industry News Week July Special Products Issue

July 23, 2020
Arc flashes are not the priority / Unequal to the pandemic / Meet your colleagues July 21, 2020
2 tips and more on using powered hand tools / CE Code / Modernizing lighting to save energy July 14, 2020
Figures and comparisons on the Canadian economy during COVID-19 / Taking temperatures — devices to do so / Everything you need to know about N95 masks July 7, 2020
Electrical Industry News Week Green Tech Issue/ Meet Rutul Bhavsar / CanWEA & CanSIA Coming Together Under New Leadership June 30, 2020

Electrical Industry News Week June Special Products Issue

June 25, 2020
Impact of energy storage on electrical contractors / 8 tips for choosing a step-down transformer / Code + / Time to make a decision June 23, 2020
Energy storage and its impact on electrical contractors / Meet Shannon Tymosko, proud ambassador for KickAss Careers/ Preparing for a strong future by hiring students today June 16, 2020
8 tips for choosing a voltage lowering transformer / Electrical code — our regular contributor / New lighting concept for creating a projection system June 9, 2020
How to choose white lighting / Our world has been turned upside down, let’s turn it around again / Key features and benefits of lighting controls / Safety culture — priority June 2, 2020

Electrical Industry News Week Special Products Issue

May 28, 2020
Code and best practices / Safety / Cybersecurity: threats and best practices May 26, 2020
Equipment safety and maintenance / 10 factors that influence risk tolerance / Manage today to avoid the risks of tomorrow May 19, 2020
Arc flash: choosing the right protective clothing / CE Code: more important than ever / A little more on cybersecurity May 12, 2020
Identifying 5 cybersecurity threats in the electrical industry / Electrical safety in the workplace / Welding safety May 5, 2020
See what this electrical company does to face the pandemic / Learn more from the Code / New products and solutions in the market April 28, 2020
Overcoming motor controller challenges / Working from home rules for the new normal / Meet Warren Osak April 21, 2020
Connectivity tested / Electrical Code — best practices / Smart machine time has come April 14, 2020
4 types of collaborative robot / Daniel Cotton — an inspiring leader / Loyalty towards your customers — it pays April 7, 2020
First Battery Electric Coach Rolls in Canada/ Meet Will West/ Siemens Unveils ‘Electric Avenue’ March 31, 2020
3 PoE troubleshooting scenarios / Era of collaboration / Meet Tommy Carducci March 24, 2020
Answers to 6 FAQs on networked lighting control systems / 10 tips on worker safety and productivity for 2020 / Meet Mark Peterson from Legend Power Systems / Readying your workplace for COVID-19 March 17, 2020
4 myths about connected lighting debunked / Our journey through the Code continues / The road from 40G to 400G March 10, 2020
Physics of Twisted Pair Cabling / Too busy to be productive? / Investment in building construction March 3, 2020
3 commercial lighting trends / Meet Panel Upgrade Experts / Emergency lighting essentials February 25, 2020
Top 22 changes to the Code by Technical BC Safety / Safety Standard — Transfer Switch Equipment / Rise in building permits February 18, 2020
Focus on entrepreneurs and new challenges / Code / Intelligent lighting systems and security February 11, 2020
Power Over Ethernet — useful standards for electricians / Help your customers make better choices / Shall we go to 5G and how February 4, 2020
Learn more about the WELL standard / Meet Brett Castein and Jordan Pratt / Why fibres should support 5G / Escaping your kidnapper January 28, 2020
What employers and employees need to know about the Canada training benefit / Cable testers / Troubleshooting networked lighting control installations / Meet a top Canadian apprentice January 21, 2020
Our journey through the Code / Lighting and the WELL certification / Meet Joanna Osawe January 14, 2020
6 ways to choose the lighting system that will exceed your customers’ expectations / Predictive analytics / Robots in fields January 7, 2020



2019 EIN Issues

Greenest forms of heating for your home / Connected lighting controls and zero carbon building certification / It’s all in the van / and much more December 24, 2019
Key Security Control Strategies / What took place during German Technology Day: possible actions and strategies / Carbon zero? Yes, it’s possible December 17, 2019
Our journey through the CE code /A performance comparison between AC and DC LED lighting systems / A cyber highway and its interconnectivity December 10, 2019
Connected security in smart buildings / Mohawk College IDEAWORKS’ role for industry and education / 4 ways to annoy your customers / Meet Paul Hannania December 3, 2019
5 things an Ethernet cable connector should be able to do / Bluetooth Low Energy and things you may have not heard about yet / Meet John Krill November 26, 2019
The three pillars of success for electrical safety / Hong Kong lighting show / Meet Matt Davis / Smart grid lab for the future / Ghosts in the system

November 19, 2019

Our Code / Managing Security Risks in Smart Lighting Systems / PoE troubleshooting — the follow-up / Meet Powertec Electric’s Daniel Lacovetsky November 12, 2019
9 tips for getting paid without creating hard feelings / How to overcome the 3 most common problems in PoE / Digitally supported switchgear engineering November 5, 2019
The future of electric mobility as seen by Stephanie Medeiros / Canada’s first zero carbon retrofit / Energy savings through lighting October 29, 2019
LED grading techniques / Cybersecurity / Wireless lighting controls October 22, 2019
Challenging the status quo in natatorium lighting design / Training and education with Ali Heighton of IBEW Local 37 / How to avoid a shocking end October 15, 2019
6 ways to test the health of your digital strategy / Our journey in the Code continues / A company under the sign of emergency lighting 

October 8, 2019

Smart enough to light cities / Modernizing indoor installations: are you able to do it? October 1, 2019
6 steps to managing cannabis at work / Responsible tourism with ABB Technology October 24, 2019
6 steps to managing cannabis at work / Responsible tourism with ABB Technology

September 17, 2019

Bill Burr on the Code, Connecting Highways, Street Lights, and Vehicles, Lighting in open offices, Do you know Ouellet?

September 10, 2019

6 secrets of successful bids / Heating and controls / More on fiberglass conduits

September 3, 2019

Linking highways, vehicles and street lighting / A history of electric motors August 27, 2019
6 myths about balancing / Since interviewing is essential / Case study / Secondary networks August 20, 2019
Bill Burr on the CE Code / What is IT? / Lighting for visual impact August 13, 2019
A guarantee: yes or no? / Increase sales by offering complementary products / Collaborative robots are here August 6, 2019
4 electrification scenarios / A green alternative for recycling lighting fixtures / The future of the technology innovation sector

July 30, 2019

Avoid electric shock / Distributed low-voltage infrastructures / Safety lifecycle July 23, 2019
Preventing contamination of fibre endfaces / Supporting tomorrow's talent / Privacy and smart technology

July 16, 2019

Our journey through the CE Code continues / What about replaceable parts for bulbs? / Electrical enclosures and heat / Meet Marcia Ranger July 9, 2019
3 tips for having an organized work vehicle / 4 tips for winning follow-ups / Demand for apprentices in top 10 Red Seal designated trades July 2, 2019
5 integrated safety business cases / Energy Star lighting requirements June 25, 2019
Cloud illusions / Meet Mark Unsworth / Flexible workplaces — it’s what they want! June 18, 2019
Annex J18 – Code, LM-79-80 and 21: what are they? / Meet Nanygo Ho / LaaS June 11, 2019
4 bizarre reasons customers may not like you / Discussing hydrogen’s potential / Meet Don Neigel, Panel Shop Manager, Optimil Machinery Inc. June 4, 2019
Lighting design — urban nature / Title 24 — best practices / Calculating the maintenance of luminous flux May 28, 2019
Protecting electrical enclosures / Questions about diversity and inclusion / Light that’s more than just a light May 21, 2019
5 main lighting trends / More on the CE Code / Digitalization — is it paying? May 14, 2019
How to make your life easier despite your customers / Evolving electric vehicle technology / Challenges and opportunities for electrical contractors May 7, 2019
Ensuring wind energy workers’ safety / Savings from IoT and predictive maintenance / Balance sheet on the construction of multi-family units April 30, 2019
Meet Jonathan Perlis / How to use the TM-21 calculation tool / Hong Kong lighting fair April 23, 2019
8 tips for lighting cybersecurity / A guide to evaluating the maturity of security systems / The 21st century and its technologies April 16, 2019
More on the CE Code / Luminaire-level lighting controls / Fixed LED downlights vs. LED gimbal downlights April 9, 2019

The key to energy efficiency / What will be done in the 21st century? / Where are the young people?

April 2, 2019
IP code: more than a sales strategy / Questions for service improvement / A building that’s EV ready March 26, 2019
Cybersecurity — attention required / Micro grid for isolated communities / Transformer specifications for hazardous locations March 19, 2019
Travel to the heart of the CE Code / The cross-effect in lighting / IoT and luminaires  March 12, 2019
5 cloud computing trends / 5 unwritten rules about confidentiality / Now under construction: a building controls showpiece March 5, 2019
Demystifying 5G / Dust, lighting and performance February 26, 2019
Increase in licenses / 5 creative ways to help your employees / Watch out for USB sticks February 19, 2019
CE Code + / Low voltage distributed infrastructures and lighting controls / Challenges of lighting in a multipurpose parking lot February 12, 2019
5 solutions for dealing with an angry customer / The status of investments in building construction / The Industrial revolution is here February 5, 2019
Distributed energy — an inspiring advocate / Drones in wind turbine blades / Global energy outlook January 29, 2019
How to survive constant technological innovation / A strong increase in building permits / Viability of sensor-controlled lighting in multi-family corridors January 22, 2019
Avoid electric shocks / Illuminating a micro-city for creatives / Interns are the employees of tomorrow January 15, 2019
Code: Diagrams and Appendices / 5 keys for customers with important assets / Lighting control products January 8, 2019 January 8, 2019
Safety, maintenance, low voltage, technology, LEDs — the year 2018 in review January 1, 2019


2018 EIN Issues

What do Isabelle, Jean-Marc, Kim, Serge and others have in common? A passion for sharing knowledge with others in our industry December 25, 2018
Electrician or electrical industry? Automation and workforce education/training December 18, 2018
Electrical Code / Electrical contractor as integrator / Your electrical product distributor — an insider’s view December 11, 2018
6 Sales Errors to Avoid / Upgrading Electrical Control Systems / Investments in Building Construction December 4, 2018
What you need to know about digital electricity cables / 5 overhead electrical crane models / What question will give you the right answer? November 27, 2018
Intelligent heating / Hiring students — it pays / Cybercrime is expensive November 20, 2018
Electrical Code again and again / Understanding intelligent lighting / Numbers that say prosperity November 13, 2018
5 things for employees to consider when developing customer relationships / Finally, a standard for Ethernet – PoE power supply / Update on non-residential construction November 6, 2018
What to tell your customers about energy conservation / Paving the road to 2030 / Zero carbon: Ottawa Murray House October 30, 2018
At least 3 reasons to have sensors in luminaires / Illuminate the road of the past and see the future / Kim Quelch on trends in lighting and industry October 23, 2018
Standards of supervision and safety / Standards for light communications / Flashing lights and safety October 16, 2018
Montreal Smart City — some data / Meet Isabelle Lessard, who re-imagined this city / How to estimate the life expectancy of light sources / CE Code October 9, 2018
From Ty-Rap to Robotics / Phone? Yes or no? / The lighting controls in the clouds October 2, 2018
7 key elements of a successful drug and alcohol policy / Thermal comfort, it's not just a matter of money September 25, 2018
Detect and prevent presenteeism / Realistic solutions for dimming / Security issues and small devices September 18, 2018
Perception vs. reality — a problem with LED dimmers / CE Code — more on Part 1 / Seeking youth, women and members of cultural communities September 11, 2018
A new vehicle for Millennials / Looking better to your customers / Baseboard heaters as has-beens? September 4, 2018
Cannabis at work — employers ' right / Alert – electrical lockout / A winning interview August 28, 2018
Cannabis at work — employers' rights / Alert – electrical lockout / A winning interview August 21, 2018
Cathodic protection / Underground challenge / How the incandescent bulb took over August 14, 2018
6 ways to communicate better in writing with your customers / Selecting the right drive motor / A passion for drives August 7, 2018
Endangered insects? / Why a digital twin? / Wind energy: facts and figures July 31, 2018
Marijuana at work / The electrician's vehicle — it’s also your most visible advertising / Why use “or equivalent products” in specs? Should we discuss it? July 24, 2018
Robots are among us, or at least on the horizon / Specular reflection – managing veiled reflections July 17, 2018
3 misconceptions about lighting of the future / CE Code Section 78 / Products we’ll be talking about July 10, 2018
A little reminder about grounding / 5 techniques to make sure your team cares about customers properly / Meet a great leader July 3, 2018
Why standardized products / Consequences of slow payment / Building permits June 26, 2018
Workforce training and renewal: the Red Seal difference / Burglary prevention / Photometry: what to know June 19, 2018
5 basic metrics for optimizing lighting systems / Preparing systems for the future right now / CE Code June 12, 2018
Six banal excuses that tarnish your brand image/ Refresher on control devices and safety-centred products June 5, 2018
Energy storage — everything is in place / Tests on LED and HID horticultural luminaires / Compliant LED lighting products for horticulture? May 29, 2018
Recipe for success / Power quality is important for Hilton Hammond and Frank Healy / Case study with two objectives: reducing energy costs and building clientele May 22, 2018
5 more electric arc facts / Inadequate safety measures / industry 4.0 blows back on the industry May 15, 2018
The ABCs of harmonics / Why use PIR sensors / More on the CE Code May 8, 2018
5 of 10 important facts about electric arcs / Did you know about ground fault protection devices? / How are your Canadian investments? May 1, 2018
5 faits importants sur 10 à savoir sur l’arc électrique, Saviez-vous au sujet des dispositifs de protection contre les défauts de terre? Comment vos les investissements canadiens? 1 mai, 2018
10 questions to ask when purchasing industrial lighting / CE Code and RV parks April 24, 2018
7 reasons to implement safety measures in low-voltage electrical installations / Toronto drives down new home prices April 17, 2018
Installation tips for voice command / Our contributor on the CE Code / Lighting and aesthetics April 10, 2018
Energy efficiency products / New housing construction up 9.4% YOY / Reminder of continuous load marking April 3, 2018
Electric vehicles and the CE Code / Prejudices and proven information / Panel shop March 27, 2018
Internet of Things and security / Important statistics to consult / Michelle Branigan March 20, 2018
Control one room at a time or the whole building? / We continue exploring the new CE Code / Prizes for smart cities March 13, 2018
5 questions to assess your reputation / AC vs. DC: the debate is back / What's new with EV power supply? March 6, 2018
Code-TV remote broadcasting for real / Information technology and FOMO / Construction costs for new non-residential buildings / Vancouver and Montreal lead February 27, 2018
Security and IoT / Changing labour laws / New housing prices February 20, 2018
CE Code — TV remote broadcasting locations and more / Control a room or the entire building? / Lighting science February 13, 2018
11 questions about your business practices / Did you know the CE Code is adapting to new technologies? / Smart products… February 6, 2018
Green trends: electrification everywhere, energy storage, and more January 30, 2018
Make a difference and have an impact / Meet Static Electric / Outside lighting January 23, 2018
Historic changes to health and safety in Ontario / A Millennial’s take on adapting to change / How’s construction going? January 16, 2018
The CE Code and renewable energy systems / New look at the Canadian Museum of History / Connected lighting products January 9, 2018
Need inspiration and stimulating challenges? People in our industry talk about their careers, their daily challenges, and much more January 2, 2018


2017 EIN Issues

Do you have time? Here’s an opportunity to read and reread your favourites December 26, 2017
Certification marks — are you safe? / Your employees — now’s the time to listen to them / How is the economy? December 19, 2017
CE Code: fixed electric heating systems / Adding value added to your business with training / Lighting creates art / Investment in residential construction rises December 12, 2017
7 tips for overwintering a vehicle / New requirements for PoE / Importance of calibration December 5, 2017
Electricity = essential need / Kelly Kienleitner, trailblazer / Housing construction increases November 28, 2017
15 key changes to the CE Code, Part 1 / Advocating for the renewal of a skilled workforce / How goes implementation? November 21, 2017
CE Code – Electrical Communications Systems / Strasbourg Cathedral’s Darc award / Slight decrease in GDP November 14, 2017
3 tips to properly prepare your vehicle for driving on construction sites / Restoring power interruptions = significant savings / When was the first CE Code published? November 7, 2017
Wind power at the heart of the energy transition / LED health effects, Part 2 / Solar PV grew faster than any other fuel in 2016 October 31, 2017
What about health effects and LEDs? / Become an expert on the Industrial Internet of Things / Meet a colleague from the Atlantic region October 24, 2017
6 steps for saying good-bye / Reviving a church through lighting / Uh oh, a drop in building permits October 17, 2017
Surviving specifications / CE Code and passenger ropeways / Lighting control products October 10, 2017
Maintaining IIoT, more on FieldSense technology, Lighting and IoT October 3, 2017
The CE Code and legislators / code and fire alarms / Real promises and less urgent ones September 26, 2017
Best practices for succession planning / The most connected bridge in the world / More numbers to make you smile September 19, 2017
Residential construction investment on the rise / Code on optical fibre cables / Better lighting in common areas September 12, 2017
3 winning strategies for your business / Promising statistics / Cutting edge products of new technologies September 5, 2017
Who is blowing in the wind / Report on EVs, and EVs vs. autonomous cars / An inside view of Solar Impulse August 29, 2017
How to choose the right cabling components / Meet SaskPower CEO Mike Marsh / More products August 22, 2017
Illegal electrical work costs / Non-residential construction rose 0.8% in Q2 — the seventh consecutive quarterly increase / How to listen to your employees August 15, 2017
Choosing lamp bases / More on the CE Code from Bill Burr / Growing numbers in construction August 8, 2017
Illuminating DNA, the Internet of Things, and more August 1, 2017
The Canucks are well placed to win the Cup / Time to review the classics / Don’t repeat these mistakes... if possible July 25, 2017
The legalization of marijuana is approaching / Rising housing figures / Other issues on electrical currents July 18, 2017
Guide to the CE code: diagnostic imaging installations / Work lighting and dynamic design / More lighting control products July 11, 2017
Continuing coverage of low voltage trends, what professional networking and networking have in common, and more July 4, 2017
7 steps to increase the value of your business / New housing investments / More on changing electrical currents June 27, 2017
A peak in building permits? / Attract and hold the best / Safety June 20, 2017
Optimized LEDs for emergency services / Our journey to the heart of the electrical code continues / March construction figures June 13, 2017
Read this if your company earns less than $17 billion annually / Modular enclosures, Part 2 / Houle Electric —Consumer Choice Award winner June 6, 2017
The future is green / Solar Impulse from the inside / The power of sun May 30, 2017
CE Code — Do you like money? / Re-engineering the grid / More figures on our economy May 23, 2017
CE Code — Arc flash safety / 5 reasons to attend more home reno trade shows May 16, 2017
CE Code — theatre facilities / Lumens — HID vs LED / What was said at MCEE May 9, 2017
Guerrilla advertising / The practical benefits of modular industrial enclosures / New housing construction Up 6.4% YOY in February May 2, 2017
Re-engineering the grid / 8 products for better circuits and better grids / Non-residential building construction down 0.5% from Q4 2016 April 25, 2017
Electrical hazards aren't the only risks electricians face / What employers think about the legalization of marijuana / A company with a focus on safety April 18, 2017
Electrical Code - Electric Welders, Lighting Control Innovation Award for CISCO in Toronto and more April 11, 2017
What to do if you’re sued / Guide to back-up power / 6 new lighting products April 4, 2017
Making workplace safer and more profitable: it is possible / Focus on safety products March 28, 2017
5 social media “facts” to ignore / 5 more errors made by smart people testing electricity / Construction data March 21, 2017
More on the CE Code / Different spaces = different lighting / New products March 14, 2017
5 mistakes made by smart people while testing electricity / Jump in new housing construction March 7, 2017
Cabling for IoT networks / Protecting data centres / How Canadian standards came about February 28, 2017
5 tips to really listen to your employees / Putting people first / 8 lead-generating review websites February 21, 2017
Illuminating the DNA of Ubisoft / New section of the CE Code / Lighting products February 14, 2017
PoE and RJ45 connectivity / Fewer sales calls and higher margin deals / Looking ahead at electrical distribution February 7, 2017
Canada’s first utility-scale energy storage project / Canadians increasingly aware of and support clean energy initiatives / Lighting products January 31, 2017
6 steps to change / A New York tunnel lit by a Quebec company / Slight decline in non-residential construction January 24, 2017
5 tips for keeping a resolution / 5 common mistakes on social media / Electrical safety and permits in BC January 17, 2017
 Journey to the heart of the CE Code — Section 34 / Meet people passionate about lighting / IoT / Practical applications  January 10, 2017
Looking back on the CE Code, on safety, on arc flash, and more January 3,2017


2016 EIN Issues

People you met this year December 27, 2016
Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah and Eid al-Adha / Lighting and safety standards / 5 unwritten social media rules December 20, 2016
Signs and outline lighting / Prioritizing LED retrofit opportunities / Case study: Guildford, BC's Recreation Centre December 13, 2016
IoT and power supply / Join Twitter / More on electric heating / Stay mobile at work December 6, 2016
Canada ranks 4th in renewable energy production / The end of coal? / Where is wind energy made? November 29, 2016
Electricity is more than just a job / Meet Flextherm’s epicurean president November 22, 2016
How to improve arc flash prevention / 6 questions to find out if you are an employer of choice / more on electrical heating November 15, 2016
Our road map to the CE Code - Section 32 / Westin Montreal under new lights / Custom light fixtures November 8, 2016
Understanding PoE and DLVP / Ready for SnapChat? / Managing online complaints November 1, 2016
5 reasons for preventive maintenance / Spotlight on PoE / Meet Keith Sones, a great storyteller October 25, 2016
4 steps to implement a people-based KM/KT strategy / How to relate to “Millennials” / Building permits — second consecutive monthly increase October 18, 2016
CE Code Section 30 - Installation of Lighting Equipment / 6 Myths we industrial LED Lighting / a Darc Award for lighting Eglise Ste-Agnes October 11, 2016 October 11, 2016
How to handle complaints / standard on light sources for fibre optic testing / New housing — up or down? October 4, 2016
Heat from the floor? / More on high performance building / Apprenticeship numbers September 27, 2016
The 25 worst contractor safety excuses / Are you ready for marijuana in the workplace? / Building permits on the rise September 20, 2016
6 Myths about industrial LED lighting / Section 28 —Motors and Generators / Meet Lina Rishmawi September 13, 2016
Stay ahead of new standards / A “brilliant” factory in Welland / How do you do business? September 6, 2016
Power management is green / Pivotal time for Canada / Investment in new housing construction rose 8.7% August 30, 2016
More reasons to have Millennials on your team / Learn more about the Wright Way / Automated building August 23, 2016
14 best practices for lineman safety / Testing PoE for DC resistance unbalance / An encore on how to retain employees August 16, 2016
What the CE Code says about installing storage batteries / Feel secure in Calgary streets / Meet a dedicated contractor August 9, 2016
It's all about timing / New housing construction up 5% / A company people are talking about August 2, 2016
Can you measure light? / CE Code and wiring / Accommodating is in July 26, 2016
7 best practices for lineman safety / Effective coaching pays off / Who won the 2016 Thomas Edison Award? July 19, 2016
CE Code Section 26 / The light under the bridge / Lighting products July 12, 2016
Underground economy / Stop losing contracts and look after your brand / Latest recalls July 5, 2016
Understanding power correction factor / EFC on the future of electrical contracting / Meet Jeff Koller June 28, 2016
Electrical fatality / Red Seal standard progresses / Reviewing your HR policies June 21, 2016
Do you know Section 24 of the CE Code? / An artist among us / Figures on the rise in residential construction June 14, 2016
Smart thermostats are here / Wow, 9.7% increase in new construction / Realistic estimates June 7, 2016
Save a lot of greenhouse gases / The market for IoT / Electric vehicles are among us May 31, 2016
What is Daylight Harvesting?, Optimize Heat Generation, Meet your colleagues from Saskatoon May 24, 2016
4 ideas to Help Support Your Staff, More on Enclosures and Stainless Steel, New Products May 17, 2016
CE Code — learn more about Section 22 / Young leader series / Adaptative lighting systems May 10, 2016
Dark fibre / 3 ways to get better leads / Electrical contractor median salaries May 3, 2016
Where industrial electricians work / Visit the Crystal / Economic figures to see where we’re going April 26, 2016
How to meet the standards / Employment is finally up / 5 steps to de-stress April 19, 2016
More on hazardous locations / Emergency lighting / The largest fine in the history of electrical contractor licensing in Ontario April 12, 2016
Top 5 optical fibre myths / Should you clone yourself? Meet one of us April 5, 2016
Is electric heat the cleanest form of home heating? / $5 million in energy storage research / Ready for climate change? March 29, 2016
Is your lighting warm or cool? Inline heater for your safety / Merging operations and information March 22, 2016
Transformers and safety / Flexible work models / The Silversteins March 15, 2016
Stay safe: learn more about Section 18 / Brighten up your space / Ready to store energy? March 8, 2016
Browse through section 18 of the CE Code / Meet Rob Ruys, referee and electrician / More on cabling March 1, 2016
Cabling / CE Code / Energy storage: present and future needs / Meet Swati Patel February 23, 2016
9% higher incomes in 2015 for electrical contractors / Welcoming workers with disabilities / Arc flash case study / Don MacKinnon February 16, 2016
How to reduce electricity costs, improve power supply reliability and maintain power quality? February 9, 2016
Be connected to manage energy usage / Tactic #6 for improving your purchasing / Counterfeiting — Part 2 February 2, 2016
Energy management and IoT / If your employees thought like you / Meet Stephanie Santini January 26, 2016
10 ways to turn your invoice into a marketing tool / Electricians do their shopping at... / Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past January 19, 2016
Do you know CE Code Section 16? How to illuminate a space with no windows, What consulting engineers specify January 12, 2016
Counterfeiting: it's still no / Be faithful to your suppliers / 2016 and the IoT January 5, 2016


2015 EIN Issues

Most read articles in 2015, CE Code, lighting, management, best practices December 29, 2015
8 electrical contracting skills to develop / 9.1% increase in licenses / Guertin Electric December 22, 2015
7 tips respect to be a cool electric contractor / 4 questions for your office party / Building permits up 9.1% December 15, 2015
3 reasons to justify investing in lighting and more on the CE Code, including protective devices for electrical apparatus December 8, 2015
Planning for arc flash prevention / Is your employee taking good time or your time? / Young professionals are organizing into a network December 1, 2015
What the CE Code says about AFCI circuit breakers / Policing’s loss is our gain, and more on the CE Code November 24, 2015
5 tips to keep your staff, 4 more myths about LEDs, and more November 17, 2015
4 solutions for LED controls / 8 myths about LEDs / What's in Section 12 of the CE Code November 10, 2015
5 ways to influence sales / What is a trip-free medium voltage circuit breaker? / $US35.6bn for energy management systems November 3, 2015
Learn about the standard for mass communications / Involve your employees in profit sharing / Wireless takes its time October 27, 2015
7 ways to prevent arc flash, how everyone benefits from coaching, having an electrician in the family October 20, 2015
3 reasons why lighting is a good investment, Section 10 of the CE Code Section 10, and 10 gadgets to make your life easier October 13, 2015
Low-temp heating systems / Time is money when purchasing / The specifications of engineering consultants October 6, 2015
Green revolution? The facts and figures / EVs are among us / Playing games on the computer is expensive September 29, 2015
3 good reasons to participate in social networks / Submit a winning estimate / The CE Code, to bring back us to Earth September 22, 2015
Electric arc and all the dangers / There’s more to life than technical skills / Adding a little intelligence to your thermostat? September 15, 2015
Are LED control systems infallible? Section 8 — circuit loads, recent construction figures September 8, 2015
Everything on electric resistance heating, the valuation of stocks and bonuses in the work of an electrician September 1, 2015
5 essential tests for lighting / When will your jurisdiction adopt the CE Code? / New video and podcast August 25, 2015
The 10 best safety apps / The most interesting job benefits August 18, 2015
Technical installations: what's new in Section 6 / An enlightened faculty / Visit Peerless electric August 11, 2015
Negotiating prices / Saving money / AC vs DC, take 2 August 4, 2015
DC or AC? Attention to the mixing water and electricity, salary of an electrician according to the size of the company July 28, 2015
Be careful with temporary power supplies / The CE Code is everyone’s responsibility / Manage all generations at the same time July 21, 2015
The ABCs of the CE Code continues, adapting lighting to all stages of life, a green holiday destination July 14, 2015
Direct current: the market may be choosing for us / Is my neighbour richer? Lighting controls July 7, 2015
Green and cost-effective offshore wind power / Where do 70% of your business expenses go? June 30, 2015
New technologies: friend or enemy? A tool that makes us intelligent in our homes? Assess arc flash hazards June 23, 2015
The Generation Game - where are you? Four times hotter than the surface of the sun? Building permits are up June 16, 2015
Les mots techniques expliqués, Nouvelles installations pour GE, les commandes en éclairage Juin 9, 2015
Technical terms and simple explanations / New installations for GE / Lighting controls June 9, 2015
How to calculate profit margins / A Tesla this year? / Who apprentice electricians are June 2, 2015
Our Code / Electrical lines by helicopter / More safety May 26, 2015
What to avoid in a succession strategy / Setting up an electrical safety training program (Part 1) / Value of building permit May 19, 2015
7 steps to calculate the profitability of a lighting system / demystifying how to use the CE Code / wiring and lighting May 12, 2015
BICSI and IoT / do you know your Code / a company and its employees May 5, 2015
Whither the residential market, more on the Electrical Code, award $ for youth April 28, 2015
Succession planning may be more important than you think, Section 2 of the new Code, HVAC Part 2 April 21, 2015
The CE Code is also best practices / illuminating Montreal’s Complexe Desjardins / HVAC April 14, 2015
Where electrical companies are in Canada, the true face of energy efficiency in Canada, changes in Table 10 of the CE Code April 7, 2015
A single green code / Canada and its footprint / a grant for sustainable development March 31, 2015
Complying with the CE Code isn’t always enough / Changes in copper pricing / Protecting yourself from asbestos exposure March 24, 2015
Become an industry mentor / understand changes in the CE Code / safety and surge protection March 17, 2015
A primer on how to amend the CE Code / light and prosperity / a lampshade for urban lighting March 10, 2015
Bidirectional energy / a passionate advocate for electrical renewal / where and when to invest in the network March 3, 2015
Important Section 62 Code changes /attracting young people / where entrepreneurs make their electrical purchases Feb 24, 2015
Meet the new, improved CSA Z462 / your colleague on FB and Twitter / $7.1 billion in building permits Feb 17, 2015
Cities switch to LEDS for public spaces | electrical equipment for hazardous locations | new product podcasts Feb 10, 2015
Drones are here. Plus, a website that connects, and renewable energy is too expensive? Feb 3, 2015
9 reasons to lean towards DC, CAN/ULC-S851 on electrical safety, and construction ups and downs Jan 27, 2015
Mastering electrical arcs? Fewer building permits, but more sustainable construction Jan 20, 2015
Year of light? How to make the Internet your best friend? Store energy? Jan 13, 2015
Electrical safety and EC 2015, demand management, branding Jan 6, 2015

2014 Issues

Apprenticeship training / if you have an electric car in your Christmas stocking, 7 ways you to get you noticed Dec 23, 2014
Canada’s new Electrical Code... almost ready / electrical spikes - an issue / why rely on the reputation of electrical products? Dec 16, 2014
Approval of electrical components, a better lit campus, commercial lighting forecast Dec 9, 2014
Can Amazon Supply really save you money; Robots and electrical safety; High returns on energy efficiency Dec 2, 2014
Section 12 of the Code - wiring methods; Power generation Yukon, NWT and Nunavut Nov 25, 2014
Training electrical apprentices, more on CE Code changes, and renewable energy in Canada’s North Nov 18, 2014
The grid and the consumer, Lighting and imagination, Non-contact tools part 2 Nov 11, 2014
Safety: power tools without contact / Energy production / Meet Peter Dorgan Nov 4, 2014
Storing electrical power in water? • Sustainable buildings are 17% cheaper to operate • Are you eco-friendly? Oct 28.2014
Choosing the right LEDs for the office, how much we’re investing in energy efficient lighting, and more on heating Oct 21, 2014
Choosing the right LEDs for the office, how much we’re investing in energy efficient lighting, and more on heating Oct 14, 2014
Home heating options / the cost of workplace injuries / what you’re buying Oct 7, 2014
More changes in the CE Code 2015 / bankable skills: automation vs. accounts payable / biomass: Irreversible vs. irresistible  Sept 30, 2014
 10 things to remember about water and electricity, the O’Neil Electric team’s values, and lighting in schools  Sept 23, 2014
 A fatal shock, a single standard and a single test for electrical safety, is this possible? And more…  Sept 16, 2014
 What is a medium voltage system? Growth of 10.5% of online purchases online... it could be more!  Sept 9, 2014
 LED Lighting Strategies, Salaries by Company Size, and June’s Power Gen Drops  Sept 2, 2014
 LEDs in Space Gardens, Extreme Electrical Contracting, and the Wireless Power System Standard Problem  Aug 26, 2014
 Industry Looks to Hire More Women, 2015 Electrical Code Changes, and Good Construction News  Aug 19, 2014
 No Slowing Down for Orser Tech, BC Hydro Upgrades John Hart, and Midea Ahead of the Game  Aug 12, 2014
 Electricity Consumption Drops, 21 Things to Know About Heat Stress, and The Importance of Innovation  Aug 5, 2014
 Priority Status for Electricians, Experience Pays, and Getting the Most out of an LED Retrofit  July 29, 2014
 Energy Waste by a Billion Cuts, a Look at Mr. Electric, and Comparing Your Salary  July 22, 2014
 McDonald on CE Code 2015, Plus Green Payback, and Building Permits Climb  July 15, 2014
 Canadian Solar’s Big Farm, East Coast Tidal Energy Team-up, and Burr on Codes  July 8, 2014
 Young Electricians Increase, New Tools, and Flushing Degraded Pipes  July 2, 2014
 Hot and Cold Server Rooms, Online Sales Stats, and GE’s Big Buy  June 24, 2014
 7 Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out, Copper Theft and a New Green Certificate Program  June 17, 2014
 The Next Wave of CEC Codes, Youth in Trades, and Six Pillars of Growth  June 10, 2014
 The Difficulty of Standardizing Electrical Codes, Payroll Ebbs and Flows, and Data in the Wind  June 3, 2014
 How much impact does an electrical contractor have on specs? How to transfer heat generated from electrical power into the target fluid. And more.  May 27, 2014
 Canada’s #1 on a global list of LEED certifications, electrical projects in the NWT, and more  May 20, 2014
 Classification of hazardous locations, a day in the life of an electrical contractor and more  May 13, 2014
 Look what's behind your walls; it’s important to agree on standards; top employers for young people  May 6, 2014
 The latest in circulation heaters; Angus Lighting profile; Arlington's new cable entry device.  April 29, 2014
 Perfect time to be cool; don’t let the flood get the best of you or your personal safety  April 22, 2014
 8 ways to grow your business, the next generation is overqualified, wind entrepreneurs in Texas  April 15, 2014
 25 new terminals for charging electric vehicles, work-related electrical injuries, CE Code’s focus on conductors  April 8, 2014
 Make sense of the various certification marks on electrical products, plus 2 more steps to assessing your lighting system  April 1, 2014
 4 steps to a successful lighting evaluation; learn the differences between WiFi, ZigBee and WiMAX  March 25, 2014
 Are you ready for branding, don’t miss an opportunity to offer a scholarship, read Joris Myny  March 18. 2014
 6 ways in which you can make a difference, make sure your contractors are driving safely and sizing conductors as per the CE Code  March 11, 2014
 Will you be one of the 1.8 million of users of an electric vehicle in 2020? Would you know how to charge it? Meet Howie Pruden  March 4, 2014
 How to increase business with an action plan, feel the global wind energy, and build with solar energy  Feb 25. 2014
 How to increase your business, bring more skilled workers in your trade and look for innovation  Feb 18. 2014
 How the Canadian Electrical Code makes each Canadian province and territory the same but different, and more on security  Feb 11. 2014
 How to save lives and electrical equipment and assess your belongings  Feb 4. 2014
 9 Questions That Can Help Maximize the Value of Your LED Retrofit; Investment in Non-Residential Building Construction  Jan 28.2014
Canada's new light bulb standard, chatting with Patrice Jomphe, and more Jan 21. 2014
Equipment Marking for Hazardous Locations; Structured Cabling for Future Networks Jan 7.2014
Paying more attention to counterfeiting Jan 14. 2014

Become a Wiser Approved Installer

Wiser Approved Installer

Get access to exclusive benefits, product discounts and resources that will help you drive more business, and lower energy bills for your clients.




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Government of CanadaThe federal governemnt has officially launched a call for proposals (CFP) for the Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative (ZEVAI). The initiative’s 2022 CFP will help fund new and innovative projects that aim to increase awareness and knowledge of ZEVs and charging and refueling infrastructure thereby increasing public confidence in these vehicles and their economic and environmental benefits.

Natural Resources Canada will provide funding through non-repayable contributions of between 50 and 75 percent of the total eligible project costs, with a maximum funding of up to $300,000 per project. The CFP will close on August 18, 2022.

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Omnicable joins ETIMETIM North America announced that OmniCable has joined the product classification standards organization. Headquartered in West Chester, PA, OmniCable has 24 locations throughout North America, and also owns Houston Wire & Cable (HWC). The company partners with many electrical manufacturers and only sells to distributors.

According to John Dean, Director of Marketing & E-Commerce, OmniCable/HWC, “The wire and cable industry is often called commodities, but there are very distinct features and attributes for the different products our manufacturers produce. 

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Atkore United Poly SystemsAtkore Inc. announced that it has acquired United Poly Systems, a manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pressure pipe and conduit, primarily serving telecom, water infrastructure, renewables, and energy markets.

“We are pleased to complete the acquisition of United Poly Systems, which strengthens Atkore’s product portfolio, expands our manufacturing capacity and further enables us to meet HDPE customers’ needs,” stated John Pregenzer, President of Atkore’s Electrical business. “HDPE pipe and conduit is a growing market that is expected to benefit from U.S. infrastructure legislation, and United Poly Systems is a great addition to Atkore. We welcome these employees and look forward to working together to continue to serve and support our customers.”

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Canadian Electrical Contractor Discussion Group: Can You Count the Deficiencies?

EIN CECD 400Have you ever been called to fix the work of a 'handyman'?

"Was supposedly done by a"certified ' electrician....told the homeowner that he got a $266 record at TSBC. Can you count the deficiencies?"

"There is a second panel change in the triplex also.......even more deficiencies. Think the guy was a glorified handyman. Ones not obvious: 240 BB heat hooked up 120....drier on 2p20....range on 2p50....water heater fed with 2c14 Bx on 2p15."

Go HERE to join the discussion



Grimard is More Competitive and Produces Estimates 3X Faster with Procore

ProcoreWhen the pandemic lockdowns started in March of 2020, Grimard (an electrical contractor) had to decide whether to shut down its operations entirely or implement a new platform with people who were now freely available for work. Once they implemented Procore, they found a way to efficiently communicate with stakeholders and offer full transparency in terms of project costs and planning. It also allowed Grimard to utilize historical data to make project estimates more accurate. Grimard was able to streamline its bidding process, which made it more attractive to potential clients and helped the business grow.

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Iron+EarthThe RenuWell Project partners are excited to announce the groundbreaking of two pilot sites located near Taber, Alberta. These pilot sites are the first of their kind to repurpose inactive oil and gas infrastructure as a foundation for renewable energy development and job creation.

When operating, the solar projects will generate 2,030 MWh annually – enough electricity to power 280 average Alberta households or irrigate 11,700 acres of farmland for an average year. This is roughly equivalent to $200,000 in electricity sales per year with 1,100  tCO2e savings in GHG emissions. Over a 25-year lifespan, the projects will generate 50,750 MWh, with GHG emission savings of 28,420 tCO2e.

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David O'ReillyBy Elle Bremmer

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with David O’Reilly, Vice President Home & Distribution and Secure Power Divisions with Schneider Electric Canada for a discussion regarding the Wiser EnergyTM smart home solution, the Wiser Approved training program, and his thoughts on several different subjects, including sustainability and future technologies currently in the works at Schneider Electric. David has been with the company for five and a half years in his role.

We recently published a study (version en français ICI) from Schneider Electric showing a strong interest from Canadians in smart home technology. 

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SimplySnap: It Just Works.

SynapseSmart technology is only smart if it works, and SimplySnap? It just works.
Scalable, field-proven, DLC NLC 5.0 qualified, and easy-to-install wireless network
lighting controls are in-stock. Explore energy code compliant SimplySnap
technology here.

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Ericson String LightsEricson announces upgraded versions of their extremely capable line of Industrial String Lights and SL, LED Stringlights. These new and updated products have several key features important when safe, code compliant lighting for industrial workspace is necessary.

Infinitely capable, these ruggedly built products have several industry leading & exclusive features including:

Industrial String Lights:

  • A United States Navy Specification since before WWII, they’re time and application tested...


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