AweaFour Quebec-based businesses specializing in wind turbine operation and maintenance are delighted upon their return from the trade mission organized by the TechnoCentre éolien and the ACCORD Wind Energy Cluster within the framework of the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) O&M and Safety Seminar. Held in San Diego, California on February 2 and 3, this annual event brought together no fewer than 695 participants and 52 exhibitors. 

The delegation was made up of Suspendem, B&B High Performance Brake Pads, Techéol, as well as the TechnoCentre éolien and the ACCORD Wind Energy Cluster. These organizations were aiming to cement their positions on the North American scene in order to export their products and services. After holding 57 business meetings with various clients, suppliers and businesses, they can now say "mission accomplished". Moreover, according to trade mission participants, several meetings were highly promising in terms of business and partnership opportunities.

"The North American market is very important in terms of volume of multi-megawatt wind turbines and presents great opportunities for our business", affirms Christian Babin, president of B&B High Performance Brake Pads. “The message received during our meetings with clients is clear and the quality of our product will be a gauge of our success."

An important market

Attendance at this event once again demonstrated that the needs for wind farm operation and maintenance in the United States are vast. By 2020, experts predict that investments in this sector will exceed $13 billion. The missions organized by the TechnoCentre éolien and the Wind Energy Cluster are part of an effort to contribute to the vitality of the Quebec wind industry, increase exports in the sector and promote its competitiveness. 

"It is clearly in the best interest of Quebec businesses to develop an expansion strategy which hinges on the diversification of markets, and in this respect, the US offers tremendous potential. Our businesses certainly have the know-how to stand out on the international scene. Nevertheless, they need to actively strive to make a name for themselves in this immense market", maintains Frédéric Côté, General Manager of the TechnoCentre éolien.