Impact Centre


August 11, 2017

The next chapter in Allanson International’s partnership with the Impact Centre has begun. The new project, which will receive Vouchers in Productivity (VIP 1) funding from Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), seeks to develop easy-to-install LED retrofits for kitchen canopy lighting. Allanson is targeting an Energy Star approval rating for these products, which will reduce energy usage by 88 per cent and save about $6,280 per unit compared to incandescent bulbs.

“The new project is the logical evolution of our longstanding collaboration” said Dr. Venkat Venkataramanan, Director, Scientific Operations at the Impact Centre.  “We collaborated to develop a new LED kitchen canopy lighting that is highly energy efficient. The current development is the next step to create direct AC operated canopy lights that will obviate the need for DC conversion and fit as a slot in replacement for existing lights.  There are constraints in working with existing dimensions and electrical input, but the customers will greatly benefit by the ease of replacement while ensuring energy savings,” added Venkataramanan.

The partnership between these two organizations has been equally valuable. Leveraging the Impact Centre’s technical expertise has allowed Allanson to create a unique competitive advantage in the lighting industry. Meanwhile, the Impact Centre has fostered new partnerships by showcasing its ability to both develop new products and improve existing ones on industry timelines.

“The Impact Centre’s keen acumen to understand and respond to our technological challenges is unparalleled.”

“The Impact Centre’s keen acumen to understand and respond to our technological challenges is unparalleled,” said Faiek Dabiet, CTO of Allanson International. “With products already in the market, which have been developed in close cooperation with the Centre, we now consider their talented team our extended R&D arm. This is an ideal industry-academia collaboration that is mutually beneficial.”

This joint project marks Allanson’s third collaboration with the Impact Centre. The first came in November 2011, when the Impact Centre carried out research to improve the design of lighting products for restaurant fume hoods. The most recent came in June 2012, when Allanson sought the Impact Centre’s help to develop an energy efficient, high lumen output LED replacement for fluorescent backlit displays.