Dec 18, 2020

EIN 57 BC logo 400B.C.’s building-sector businesses can tap into an additional $8 million for projects to accelerate the availability and affordability of low-carbon building solutions.

The funding is available through the CleanBC Building Innovation Fund (CBBIF). Low-carbon building solutions include a wide range of energy-efficient developments in the building sector, including advanced building components and designs, new construction methods, low-carbon heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and digital technology solutions.

The CBBIF provides funding to promote building-sector innovation in four separate streams:

This funding is part of StrongerBC, B.C.’s Economic Recovery Plan, which sets out the government’s next steps to move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan outlines new investments in health care, getting people back to work, supporting businesses and helping communities.

The $8 million will support economic recovery by helping to maintain existing jobs and create new jobs as energy-efficient and low-carbon product lines and sales opportunities are developed.

The CBBIF application intake opened in mid-November and will close on Jan. 10, 2021.

Learn More:

Go HERE for more information about applying to the CleanBC Building Innovation Fund.