Jan 21, 2021

EIN 10 CS BCEA 400This questionnaire is designed for people who work in the electrical industry as part of a project by the British Columbia Electrical Association (BCEA) to help foster a more diverse and inclusive electrical industry.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to better understand the electrical industry as it relates to diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and related topics. Specifically, this questionnaire gathers information about how familiar industry members are with certain terms and concepts, the extent to which these topics are discussed in the industry, indicators of industry diversity and inclusion, and what people would most like to learn in relation to these topics. The questionnaire also includes demographic questions to support meaningful data analysis. 

BCEA has retained Principia Assessments Ltd. (an independent consultant) to assist with this work. BCEA and Principia Assessments Ltd. will use these survey results to help identify learning opportunities and as a baseline to evaluate project success.

This questionnaire consists of 35 questions. Completion is expected to take about 12 minutes. 

Go HERE for take the questionnaire