Sept 10, 2018

Carol MgGloganBy Carol McGlogan

Since joining EFC last April, our team has spent much time engaging with our membership on what their top game changers are in their respective segments: new competition, digitalization of the supply chain, emerging technologies, and talent availability top the list. We have led research programs and put in place various committees to address these challenges, which offer recommendations and best practices to help members navigate their way to new frontiers. 

Finding talent is a key area of focus for our members. Due to the buoyant economy and impending retirements, talent availability is creeping up the list of strategic challenges this industry faces. 

EFC’s Board of Directors recognizes the talent issue and understands that the “faces” within our industry must change to remain relevant. Thirty-five percent of Canada’s population will be made up of visible minorities within 13 years, and currently half of Canada’s workforce is made up of women. Our industry does not reflect these shifts in our population. If we don’t become an industry that welcomes this new population mix, we will be hard pressed to attract the best employees that Canada has to offer. 

EFC offers several programs and services that help members attract and retain talent. We have seen tremendous growth in the use of our online recruiting tool, TalentNest. As well, our scholarship program provides members with access to students who are studying in a related field and aspire to work in our industry. Finally, our Young Professionals Network offers your new recruits an opportunity for networking as well as EFC committee involvement, so they can further their personal growth, professional development and industry knowledge. 

Going forward, we are dedicated to further promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion to our membership. At our recent strategic session, this intent was affirmed, and we will begin setting out to foster best practices and industry benchmarking. 

There is no reason why our industry shouldn’t be attractive to new talent. We “power a changing world” and our solutions make a real difference to society by impacting everything from our electrical grid, to intelligent buildings, smart homes, Industry 4.0 and the electrification of transportation… just to name a few. To sustain and grow the impact we make on society, our recruitment, development and culture must change. Promoting diversity and inclusion is a team effort and evolving a culture will be hard work. Open minds need to prevail, and we look forward to working with our members to develop a thriving electrical industry workforce. 

Carol McGlogan is President & CEO, Electro-Federation Canada.