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Dec 6, 2020

Josh GoykeBy Josh Goyke

To rent or to own? It’s a question we regularly encounter in our daily lives, whether we’re looking at homes, vehicles, boats or even machinery or tools.

In the world of cabling and connectivity, that question doesn’t arise too often. But there are a few instances when you may need to decide whether you want to rent or own a piece of equipment to complete a job like fusion splicing.

What is fusion splicing?

Fusion splicing uses an electric arc or heat to fuse two optical fibres in an automated process. It’s a procedure often used to

• repair broken fibre links

• connect 250 µm OSP fibre to 900 µm fibre at the building entrance

• restore severed underground fibre optic cables

• fuse connectorized pigtails

• terminate fibre with splice-on connectors

Fusion splicing results in a strong, secure and high-performance connection of two cables to ensure excellent signal transmission from one to the next. The process works like this:

1. Fibre is stripped of its outer jacket and polymer coating.

2. Fibre is cleaned and cleaved.

3. Fibre is placed into a holder in a fusion splicer’s enclosure.

4. A fusion splicer aligns fibres, burns off impurities and fuses fibre ends together to create the permanent splice.

The Importance of a fusion splicer

As noted in No. 4, you need a fusion splicer to complete fusion splicing. And this is where the “rent or own” question comes into play during the process.

Using a fusion splicer requires training, but installers pick up on the process quickly and can be ready to splice in the field after some simple preparation work. Much of the “craft sensitivity” or installer skill required for traditional mechanical splicing is removed with fusion splicing, making it easy for novices and experts to use splice-on connectors. Because splicers are automated, most notify the technician when a splice is successful (and when it’s not so the splice can be corrected).

Historically, some installers shied away from fusion splicing because the cost of the splicer was too high (several thousands of dollars — and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars). Choosing the highest-quality (and often most expensive) splicer possible was key to ensuring a proper connection.

Over the past few years, however, splicer tools have come down in price significantly, making their purchase more affordable; many splicer rental options are now available, too.

As fibre optic cable quality continues to rise, the performance of splice connections relies less on the splicer itself and more on overall cable and connector quality. When following proper instructions and keeping up with equipment maintenance, lower-cost splicers can create reliable fibre splices when combined with high-quality cable and connectors.

Given the fact that splicers have come down in price and are simple to use, how do you decide whether to lease or purchase your own?

Renting or leasing a fusion splicer

Renting is typically considered an operating expense because you’re not purchasing the equipment outright. You pay for it while you use it; when you’re done, you return it. You can rent a splicer for weeks, months or longer (freight is often included in these costs).

Renting the equipment may cost you more over time if you lease vs. own, but that depends on how much splicing you’re doing and whether you’re charging that rental expense back to a job.

In our opinion, there are a few good reasons to rent or lease a splicer:

• You’re not sure how much fusion splicing you’ll be doing.

• You’re completing several small projects.

• You’re just getting started with fusion splicing.

• You want to try out a new type or brand of splicer.

• You don’t know what kind of splicer you want to purchase yet.

• You want to train on the fusion splicing process.

Owning a fusion splicer

As opposed to renting, purchasing a fusion splicer is a one-time capital expense that will continue to pay for itself over time. The more you use it, the more you’ll make on your investment.
In our opinion, there are a few good reasons to own a fusion splicer:

• You know you’ll be completing lots of fusion splicing projects.

• You have several large jobs that call for fusion splicing.

• You don’t want to hassle with remembering to lease a splicer every time you need one.

• You want to be responsible for upkeep and maintenance on the equipment so you know it’s in proper working order.

Trying Belden’s FX Fusion Splicer

Belden’s FiberExpress (FX) Fusion Splicer supports consistent, reliable and high-quality terminations for single fibre splice-on connectors and pigtail splicing. Active cladding alignment ensures that the splicer achieves perfect alignment by automatically adjusting fibre ends in multiple directions while eliminating errors due to dust and other contaminants. To reduce downtime and delays, the device splices for 200 cycles between battery charges.

Joining Belden in 2017, Josh Goyke oversees Belden’s fibre solutions and ensures that they solutions are designed to meet the needs of the marketplace. He knows Belden fibre products inside and out, helping Belden stay on the forefront of game-changing fibre solutions that are faster, easier and better to use. Graduating from Purdue University with a BS in selling and sales management, Goyke’s guidance helps bring Belden’s new fibre solutions to market.

This article was first published online by Belden, Check out Belden blogs here.

Nexans Webinar - Key 2021 Electrical Code Changes Impacting Wire and Cable

Nexans Free WebinarJoin NEXANS for a free webinar with Isaac Müller, Applications Engineer for Nexans as he reviews and discusses the changes to the 2021 Canadian Electrical Code related to wire and cable. This free webinar will take place Wed, Jan 27, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

This webinar includes:
- Updated rules to protect cables (12-514,12-516)
- New conditions of use for wire & cable (Table 19)
- An opportunity to ask your questions

Click here to register today. 


Salex Announces Promotion of Paul Manson to GTA Sales Manager     

Paul MansonJanuary 26, 2021 – Salex, a facilitator of commercial lighting installations and control systems for Canada’s architectural lighting community, is excited to announce the promotion of Paul Manson to GTA Sales Manager. Paul joined Salex back in 2015, and has over 25 years of invaluable industry experience.

Dedicated to the education and promotion of quality, high-efficiency lighting and controls, Manson’s extensive background in on-site electrical installation, national accounts, relationship building, manufacturers, and sales team management at Philips Lighting, will provide valuable experience to fulfill his new role.

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Changing Scene

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This questionnaire is designed for people who work in the electrical industry as part of a project ...
Organizers behind the MEET (Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology) Show have announced its ...
Be sure not to miss your opportunity to participate at EDIST 2021 The Power of Resiliency, January ...
Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and FLIR Systems, Inc.jointly announced that they have entered ...
In today's ever changing Canadian work environment, an organization that wants to succeed at ...
B.C.’s building-sector businesses can tap into an additional $8 million for projects to ...
Rittal Systems Ltd., Canada would like to announce that Tim Rourke will be resigning as President, ...
In a fast-changing world, it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments in technology and ...
This recall involves Southwire branded coiled, pre-cut red electrical wire sold in shrink wrap ...

With close to 400 exhibitors and more than 6,000 attendees from throughout Canada and the United States, MEET is the second-largest industry event of its type in Canada, and the largest trade event east of Montreal. Given the size and nature of the show and the travel that comes along with it, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the rescheduling of the event several times.

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Canadian Electrical Contractor Discussion Group

CECD Zac recetacleOne CECD group memeber recently posed a quick code question regarding some new arc fault requirements and powering a hallway receptical with a bedroom receptical. 

Go HERE to join the discussion








The Beard and the Respiratory Protection MaskHalf-masks and full-facepiece respirators require an optimal seal to guarantee their effectiveness, and the beard can impede it considerably.


What does it mean exactly?

Since many masks have been tested on different face types, the results of these tests vary considerably. However, it should be noted that in 100% of cases, after 7 days without shaving, the respiratory protection masks showed a leak of more than 1%. This means that the air inside the mask contained more than 1% of unwanted particles!

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Product News

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AimLite's new LED backlit panel lights P14BR series utilize next-generation backlit technology, ...
Rittal is replacing its previous KS series with the new fibreglass enclosures AX and so completely ...
Providing high quality illumination, LytePro’s low profile design complements and blends in with ...
The 6590 Gaslight I is a large scale Victorian authentically detailed fixture which consists of a ...
The WaveLinx industrial high bay and low bay sensors offer passive infrared (PIR) occupancy with a ...
The Swidget Motion Sensor Insert* uses infrared radiation to detect whether someone or something ...
Standard extruded inside and outside corner LED tape mud-in channels. Aluminum construction. ...
Traditional style, cost-effective, DLC-listed wall pack offered in 42, 80, and 120 watts. The ...
Lumenwerx is pleased to launch the Via Weather Series, a new subgrouping composed of ...
SATCO continues to expand its wall pack selection with options that make installation flexible and ...


Signify LytePro LED Wall Pack Gen 3Providing high quality illumination, LytePro’s low profile design complements and blends in with its surroundings. Available in 3 sizes, LytePro offers two optical distributions, multiple lumen packages, and is suitable for a range of mounting heights.

Lumen output ranges from 1,000 to 9,600 with efficacies up to 114 LPW, and all models are DLC qualified. The LPW32 even features button photocell, motion response, battery pack, and field adjustable wattage options.

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SATCO CCT Selectable Wall PacksSATCO continues to expand its wall pack selection with options that make installation flexible and stock versatile. The latest additions in the line include the CCT Selectable Small Wall Pack and the CCT Selectable Compact Round Wall Pack.

The Small Wall Pack is perfect for light commercial uses such a smaller storage units and municipal lighting, as well as commercial Main Street buildings. As with all of the fixtures in this exterior family, these wall packs offer advanced features, are built durable and are able to withstand harsh, all-weather conditions.


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Peers & Profiles

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Trilliant, an international provider of utility solutions for advanced metering and smart grid ...
For more than a century, ABB has been investing in Canadian technologies and products to support ...
Mackenzie Gillan, a bright young lady from Baysville, Ontario, tells us about how she learned ...
Energy Efficient Lighting is a LED lighting manufacturer with nearly 30 years of industry ...
Dee Durant is an industrial electrician apprentice attending Conestoga College and an Ambassador ...
ECAO recently launched a new program called Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC). Their inaugural ...
At 14, Tom Miguel was sitting in the counselor’s office of Silverthorn Collegiate Institute in ...
Meredith Halfpenny is a Wind Site Technician with Boralex where she inspects, maintains, and ...
Rutul Bhavsar is a final year Electrical Engineering student at Mohawk College. He recently ...
Shannon Tymosko is a first-year apprentice with IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical ...

Libra Smart MeterBy Blake Marchand

Trilliant, an international provider of utility solutions for advanced metering and smart grid systems, recently announced a custom-made product for the North American market with the release of its Trilliant Libra Series Edge-Ready Smart Electric Meter.

The meter’s technology will allow utilities to enter the connectivity sphere by providing peer-to-peer data acquisition and analytics, while enabling new energy management features that benefit both customer and utility. 


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