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July 28, 2020

By Sarah PickardTom Miguel

At 14, Tom Miguel was sitting in the counsellor’s office of Silverthorn Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke, Ontario with his entire life ahead of him. In 1981, the world was changing, and like so many young men and women, he was faced with a world of choices that would go on to define both his career and his life. It was in this office that some counsellor suggested becoming an electrician, and Tom’s interest was piqued.

I knew from that point on what field of studies I needed to focus on to become an electrician,” Tom said.

Tom graduated high school in 1986 and began a five-year apprenticeship as a construction electrician. He received his 309A license at the age of 22 on April 10th, 1990, and on September 29th that same year, married his beautiful wife Christina Servinis. Together, they had two amazing children: Nick, who is now a licensed electrician; and Angela, a licensed paralegal and proud mother to two babies of her own. While children and grandchildren toddled their chubby-cheeked way into Tom’s life, he spent thirty years exploring the electrical and manufacturing world.

I decided early on during my apprenticeship that I wanted to be experienced in all fields of the electrical industry. I gained experience in commercial construction, then institutional construction, then residential High-Rise construction, then industrial construction and Industrial automation and lastly service work. Out of all the areas that I was fortunate enough to have gained experience, I enjoyed the industrial automation field the best as it was the most challenging.

Tom began a career in the industrial sector working for Dempster’s Bread. In his eight years there he worked his way up from electrician to lead hand, maintenance supervisor, and finally maintenance manager. When asked about the highlights, Tom said “My greatest accomplishment at Dempster’s was building the plant and automating the entire process. to achieve 95% efficiency. Rarely did this plant have greater than 5% downtime in a given year.”

After Dempster’s, Tom moved into the lucrative automotive sector, where manufacturing plants paid extremely well. He spent the next eight years of his career working at Ford within the paint process. However, “Unsatisfied with the harsh environment and even harsher chemical exposure, I decided that another career move was in order.

From there he went to the Brampton Chrysler plant in 2005, starting as a maintenance supervisor in the assembly area. 15 years later, Tom is responsible for the World Class Professional Maintenance Pillar in assembly. He proudly reports that “The methodology that we use is a systematic process that if executed correctly, will deliver zero unscheduled downtime.” Tom’s job also includes the implementation and training of world class methodologies. A particular challenge, he notes, is convincing veteran tradesmen that the way things were done in the past are no longer effective, and convincing them to use the professional maintenance strategy. However, he adds that watching them respond with a new, profound understanding of the work and seeing the results of their efforts is deeply rewarding.

Those same rewards can be found in the efforts of Tom’s other, younger students. These days, thirty years after Tom received his certification as an electrician, he can be found in the halls of Sheridan College, where he teaches college students and electrical apprentices alike the skills they need to be successful as an electrician. “There really is no better reward in life than knowing your skills and experience are being used to help students pursue a rewarding career in the electrical field.

With Tom’s long history in the electrical field, and with the insights granted to him by his role as professor, we asked Tom where he saw the industry heading in the next thirty years.

As we continue to move away from fossil fuels, we will become increasingly dependent on electricity to provide the things we need. The future is very clear: clean energy sources like electricity will completely dominate over all other energy sources. For this reason, the opportunities in the electrical field are endless, and will provide many good paying jobs for people all over the world.”

For any young men or women sitting in the counselor’s office, staring down their future, they should take that to heart.

Sarah Pickard is Assistant Editor, Kerrwil Electrical Group

Salex Announces Promotion of Paul Manson to GTA Sales Manager     

Paul MansonJanuary 26, 2021 – Salex, a facilitator of commercial lighting installations and control systems for Canada’s architectural lighting community, is excited to announce the promotion of Paul Manson to GTA Sales Manager. Paul joined Salex back in 2015, and has over 25 years of invaluable industry experience.

Dedicated to the education and promotion of quality, high-efficiency lighting and controls, Manson’s extensive background in on-site electrical installation, national accounts, relationship building, manufacturers, and sales team management at Philips Lighting, will provide valuable experience to fulfill his new role.

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Changing Scene

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Join the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) on March 23 for a virtual session during which ...
ABB is hosting a Smart Building thought leadership session with six webinars presented by industry ...
Dimonoff and Amotus are proud to announce the merger of their entities under the same banner with ...
 EWEL has announced the plan to move its Sherwood Park branch into a brand-new facility at ...
Energy Savings for Business supports local skilled trades, contractors, and suppliers such as HVAC ...
Eaton has signed an agreement to acquire Tripp Lite, a supplier of power quality products and ...
Rexel announced it has acquired the Canadian Utility business of WESCO International (WESCO Canada ...






Canadian Electrical Contractor Discussion Group: Can You Count the Deficiencies?

EIN CECD 400Have you ever been called to fix the work of a 'handyman'?

"Was supposedly done by a"certified ' electrician....told the homeowner that he got a $266 record at TSBC. Can you count the deficiencies?"

"There is a second panel change in the triplex also.......even more deficiencies. Think the guy was a glorified handyman. Ones not obvious: 240 BB heat hooked up 120....drier on 2p20....range on 2p50....water heater fed with 2c14 Bx on 2p15."

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DimonoffDimonoff and Amotus are proud to announce the merger of their entities under the same banner with the objective of offering a new range of tailor-made IoT products and services. Acquired by Dimonoff in 2018, Amotus has built a custom electronic and software development offering for interconnected solutions.

Composed of engineers and programmers, Amotus has completed more than 100 service projects in 15 countries with invoices ranging from $10,000 to $500,000. 



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Latest Articles

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The Internet of Things (IoT) can help create safer workspaces, and connected lighting systems are ...
While the number of business openings (49,956) exceeded the number of business closures (35,533) ...
It is interesting that these two words “High Voltage” have been used throughout the history of ...
This past month marked one year since stepping onto a job site and starting my electrical ...
Are you an electrical contractor? Are you new to the world of Networked Lighting Controls (NLCs)? ...
More and more, electricity is being considered a product. Ideally, the AC voltage wave is a sine ...
Rule 28-000 - Scope states that Section 28 - Motors and Generators is a supplementary or amendatory ...

Ron TellasBy Ron Tellas

Disruptive technology alters the way we operate, driving us to improve processes, operations and systems. 

We're always watching for changes that will impact the industry and bring new possibilities to the way our networks and cabling and connectivity infrastructure are designed and deployed. We rounded up a short list of four technology disruptions that Belden is monitoring closely and think you should be, too.



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Lighting SignifyBy Martin Garner

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help create safer workspaces, and connected lighting systems are uniquely well-placed to form the basis of an IoT infrastructure.

As the world starts to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, building owners, building managers, and office managers all have the urgent task of ensuring that workplaces offer employees a safety net from the virus. It’s not only important to make workspaces safe, but also to make people feel safe.


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Business OpeningsWhile the number of business openings (49,956) exceeded the number of business closures (35,533) for the fifth consecutive month, business closures have continued to increase since August. From October to November, business closures rose by 5.6% and business openings decreased by 0.6%.

The number of active businesses in November edged up from the previous month and remained 4.5% lower than in February 2020. Business closures increased in all provinces and territories from October 2020 to November 2020, except in Yukon, where they remained unchanged. 


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Product News

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Designed by Philippe Starck, In Vitro modernizes the classic lantern into a contemporary ...
Model LD4R-IT. 4″ Round Trimless Deep Regressed LED. Type IC, Air-Tight & WET – No Housing ...
3.3” high performance square downlight pendant. Companion to 3G-DL33S series downlight family. ...
Designed to serve and enhance architectural spaces, the Pipeline Ceiling/Wall provides accent ...
EarthTronics LED Backup Drivers to regulate the power supplied to the LED fixture to ensure that ...
Athena is a flexible, simple, all-in-one solution that combines advanced light sources with ...
The nh family continues to grow with a new floor version and even more suspension options. The new ...
The LITEISTRY™ family offers a broad palette of architectural downlighting solutions with ...
Scandinavian and industrial-inspired design come together in the Tura collection featuring a black ...
JESCO Lighting’s new MMT MAGNETRAX MINI Track System allows designers to select the ideal ...


Champion Strut Conduit and Pipe SupportChampion Strut is a fiberglass non-metallic channel framing system that includes a complete line of non-metallic accessories, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and channels.

Champion Strut™ is a versatile, high-strength fiberglass framing system that has been successfully used in many highly corrosive applications including steel mills, wastewater treatment, rendering facilities, utilities, refineries, chemical plants, marinas, pulp and paper, desalination facilities, water reclamation facilities, theme parks, aquariums, pools and underground vaults.


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Intermatic NightFoxNightFox Pro Series Photocontrols offer protection to typical, enhanced, or extreme electrical transients as laid out by ANSI C136.2.

• ELC model safeguards applications against 6kV/3kA surge events or a typical level per ANSI C136.2
• EK and LED models provide protection for increased levels per ANSI C136.2
• Customers have the option of setting an extreme level of protection at 20kV/10kA transients per ANSI C136.2 – by requesting a larger 1020J MOV component


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MaxLite Canless Commercial DownlightMaxLite expands their RCF Series with wattage and CCT selectable models that enable installers to customize light outputs and color temperatures in the field.

The RCF is a labor-saving, all-in-one solution for adding recessed downlighting to hospitality, retail, office, and other commercial lighting applications. The downlight features a built-in driver and integral whip that can be connected directly to a junction box, eliminating the need for a traditional recessed housing. 



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Stephanie SmithBy Blake Marchand

“It was quite surprising,” said Stephanie Smith of being named EHRC’s Leader of the Year. “Leadership in 2020 has certainly been a challenge for everybody in the world let alone the nuclear industry or the electricity industry.”

An engineer by trade, Smith spent the majority of her career with Ontario Power Generation (OPG). She was the first woman to be certified by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station where she served as Plant Manager and was recently named the first President and CEO of CANDU Owners Group. Smith is also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion.

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