September 28, 2016

Wherever your work takes you, Phoenix Contact’s new mobile printers, used together or individually, provide a complete line of industrial marking capabilities, including terminal block markers, wire and cable labels, and labels for in and around the control cabinet.

The lightweight, rugged Thermofox handheld printer is fully portable so it can be used during field installations. Cartridges can be changed easily for terminal block marking, shrink sleeves, self-laminating wire wraps and indoor/outdoor vinyl tape.

Thermomark Prime is a portable card printer that is ideally suited for mobile use, with its integrated marking software, independent energy supply, and a user interface with intuitive operation.

What makes these products unique

The Thermofox label cartridges contain an average of 25% more material than those of its competitors. Thermomark Prime is a completely portable card printer with no need for external power or a computer.

Reason for product development

Thermofox is brand new; Phoenix Contact has never offered a handheld printer. However, customers have long been requesting this type of printer. Thermomark Prime is a portable version of the TM Card printer with additional premium features. The stainless-steel chassis provides ultimate stability while on the go. But users can also take advantage of this and other new features and use the Prime as a desktop (stationary) printer connected to a PC. This innovative printer is unlike any other on the market.

Features and benefits: Thermofox handheld printer

• Indoor/outdoor vinyl tapes available in 24 mm width — the largest in the market
• Terminal block marking solutions in adhesive and slide-in formats
• Large library of 200 symbols for common electrical applications
• Preloaded barcode and patch panel templates
• ABC keyboard with shortcuts for commonly used formats (bold, font size…)
• Can store up to 20 files for repeated projects
• Connects to TM Prime or a PC with Clip Project for use as a desktop solution
• Available accessories include belt clip, carrying case, magnet, and more on the way

Thermomark Prime

• Can be connected to a PC and used as a desktop solution with Clip Project
• Fully contained ink cartridge for drop-in loading
• Automatic material recognition allows you to quickly start a new project
• Marking project files can be stored and loaded on a USB drive

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