Hammond Power Solutions DOE 2016 – Energy Efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformer

HPS Sentinel® H Energy Efficient Harmonic Mitigating distribution transformers are rated for 600 volts and below. Typical applications of severe non-linear loading conditions include data centers, internet-service providers, telecom sites, call centers, broadcast centers, etc.


-          60 Hz frequency

-          Ratings from 15 to 1500 kVA three phase

-          An extensive standard offer complimented by a wide variety of custom products available

-          Copper and aluminum available

-          Standard 150 deg C temperature rise and 220 deg C insulation class

-          10kV BIL on all 3 phase DOE 2016 products

-          UL Listed, CSA Certified

-          Custom sizes, ratings and styles available upon request

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