Legrand PlugTail

The PlugTail commercial specification grade USB charging receptacles feature dual USB Type-A and Type-C ports to provide the convenience of mobile charging without the need for a AC adaptor. They are equipped with two UL Fed Spec AC receptacles and available in 15 and 20A configurations to meet the power requirements of any commercial application.

The PlugTail USB Charging Receptacles have a 15.5W power supply to efficiently charge mobile phones, tablets and other peripherals. They can be used anywhere people gather, including airports, hotel lobbies, office spaces, restaurants, schools and universities, and waiting rooms.

Like other PlugTail solutions, the receptacles simply snap into the universal prewired pigtail connector. Since they install three times faster than traditional wiring devices, PlugTail wiring devices provide the electrical contractor with more efficient operation on the jobsite. PlugTail products also allow contractors to swap out receptacles in minutes — which is important as technology evolves, upgrades become available, spaces are reconfigured or codes change.

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