October 11, 2017

LUBO Lighting International Inc. has a new generation of outdoor lighting fixtures with a thermo transfer module, for standard MR11 and MR16 bulbs, which transfer heat directly to the fixture’s body for fast dissipation.

LUBO Lighting, manufacturer of outdoor landscape and architectural lighting systems, introduces its new series of MR16 fixtures Cameleon - 2013. This new series of fixtures has been remodelled to serve as a support to the unique patent pending heat sink designed by LUBO. This revolutionary technology allows you to use all standard and new generations MR11 & MR16 LED bulb with aluminium flat top inside the fixtures in order to meet the lighting needs of architects, designers, contractors, landscapers and lighting professionals.

This new generation of fixtures has the ability to use a wide lighting range (700 + Lumens), with a choice of bulb (1W to 10W LED) with an extensive range of optical angles ranging from 8 to 135 degrees. This new serial of fixtures allows one step bulb replacement in 20 seconds.

While allowing for a wide variety of technologically advanced LED light bulbs, LUBO “CAMELEON” fixtures, increased the lifetime of the bulbs due to the innovative incorporated thermo transfer module which transfer heat directly to the fixture’s body for immediate dissipation. This heat sink decreases temperature between 15 to 38% of the heat of the bulb, when placed within the enclosed fixture in comparison to the external of the fixture.

Today, advanced technologies have led to a new generation of LED, offering longer life, increased brightness and CRI, at the time reducing power consumption. Because of their lower cost and improved efficiency, LED have replaced all traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen MR16, MR11, lighting in almost all applications.