Keysight dcpower 400The E36312A/GPB from Keysight Technologies is an E36300 series triple output programmable DC power supply. Besides 0.01% load and line regulation, the E36312A can also maintain a steady output when power line and load changes occur, giving more peace of mind. It features more convenient and productive with intuitive and easy to use front panel interface.
The 4.3'' LCD colour display can show the voltage and current of all three channels at the same time and the colour coded channel also simplifies manual set-up. It has low current measurement (< 80µA), low acoustic noise (< 50dB), 0.36mV/0.3mA (CH1), 1.5mV/0.1mA (CH2&3) programming resolution and 0.24mV/0.2mA (CH1), 1mV/160µA (CH2), 1mV/80µA (CH3) readback resolution.
The E36312A features data logger, output sequencing, output LIST mode, auto series/parallel mode, convenient front and rear output terminals, improved measurement accuracy with 4-wire sensing, front panel USB, digital I/O port and electrically isolated outputs.
  • 80W power output, 0 to 6V/0 to 5A (CH1), 0 to 25V/0 to 1A (CH2), 0 to 25V/ 0 to 1A (CH3) DC output
  • More test throughput via connectivity and easy to use SCPI programming language
  • More protection for device under test (DUT), 100, 115 or 230V AC input (±10%), 47 to 63Hz, 250VA
  • Two individual knobs for voltage and current, less cost and saves space with independent outputs
  • USB 2.0, LAN, GPIB interface, transient response time of < 50µsec, built-in battery back-up RTC
  • UL 61010-1 3rd edition, CAN/CSA-C22.2 no61010-1-12, IEC 61010-1:2010 3rd edition safety approvals
  • < 350µVrms/2mVpp output ripple and noise (20Hz to 20MHz) in normal mode voltage
  • 0.03% +2mV /0.04% + 3mA (CH1), 0.03% +5mV/0.04% +2mA (CH2, 3) programming accuracy
  • 0.04% +2mV/0.04% + 3mA (CH1), 0.04% + 5mV/0.04% + 3mA (CH2, 3) readback accuracy
  • 145 x 216 x 367mm (H x W x D) dimension, 8.3Kg weight, 0 to 40°C operating temperature

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