May 5, 2019

Beghelli New LEDBeghelli is proudly committed to providing quality products that meet the highest standards. As such, they recently announced they have re-engineered all their 5W and 7W MR16 LED lamps. They have also introduced a new 6V 7W LED lamp.

These improved lamps will maintain a low surge current at start-up. They cap their start up current at 10x the load at 100%. By making this improvement they ensure there will be no damage by the lamps to the charger boards when the units are loaded to capacity.

Beghelli are now using a COB LED and upgraded driver in their lamps which will provide lower heat emission, higher efficacy and will extend the life of the lamp.

Lamps are now FCC certified which means electromagnetic interference from the lamp is below approved limits. This will ensure the lamp does not cause any interference with sensitive electrical equipment such as medical or communication devices.

Often, when other LED lamps’ supply voltage is reduced, it also lowers the wattage and becomes dimmer. With these new models, that will not be an issue – there is consistent light output even if battery voltage drops. Power does not increase as voltage falls which could reduce run times, blow fuses or damage to the charger boards. You can trust that when they state their lamps are 5W or 7W, that is the maximum wattage they will draw and the light output will remain the same throughout the entire operating voltage range of the lamps.

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