GreenleaGreenlee has launched a line-up of new bending products that the company says will provide consistent accuracy, and increase productivity and mobility. 

Dubbed the “Bending Revolution,” the line-up features the 855GX IntelliBender, the Shotgun Shoe and the 881-Mobile Bending Table. 

The 855GX, Greenlee’s most advanced programmable bender comes with smart sensors that know the diameter and type of conduit being bent, allowing for consistent and accurate bends, the company said. It comes with two shoes instead of seven, a USB drive for transferring info to the jobsite, and less parts, making setup time quicker.  Greenlee recommends pairing it with their re-engineered 555 series benders. 

Above: The 855GX’s smart sensors allow for consistent and accurate bends.

The 881-Mobile Bending Table can bend up to 4" rigid conduit at up to 10' lengths, and can fit through standard height doors that are 36", the company noted. All 881 Bender components can be stored on the table. 

The Shotgun Shoe can bend up to four pieces of conduit at a time on a single shoe, up to 1/2" to 2" conduit. It’s compatible with Greenlee 555C, 555CX and 555DX benders. 

As part of Greenlee’s Bending Revolution, customers can register online to get product updates, special offers, event notices and enter contests. You’ll also get a free Bending Revolution Welcome Kit. 

Distributors can request a Bending Revolution Distributor Kit with items to help them highlight Greenlee’s bending products. The kits for distributors will be available in late June. 

To register and for more information, visit

Greenlea 2 Left: The 881-Mobile Bending Table can bend up to 4" rigid conduit at up to 10' lengths.