Sept 5, 2019

EIN Eaton powerD 400Power management company Eaton announced its new line of globally certified Power DefenseTM molded case circuit breakers. One percent metering accuracy, breaker health monitoring and integrated communications will help customers master power capabilities and safety systems that enable uninterrupted operations in a variety of applications, including commercial construction, data center and industrial projects.

By embedding protection, energy metering, intelligence and connectivity in a foundational electrical system component, Eaton goes beyond traditional circuit protection to provide deeper power system visibility and advanced predictive diagnostics

Molded case circuit breakers provide vital functionality in nearly every low-voltage application around the world, protecting connected devices from overloads and short circuits. Now, in facilities that require hundreds of these devices, real-time data from the intelligent circuit breakers can be tracked and analyzed to prompt condition-based maintenance – an easier, faster and far more cost-effective way to maintain an electrical system than traditional methods. In the event of a fault, Power Defense circuit breakers are designed to provide visibility into where and why a fault occurred making it easier and faster to restore power, while giving the user critical information about the integrity of their power distribution system through a sophisticated breaker health algorithm.

Eaton Power Defense circuit breakers with Power Xpert® Release electronic trip units, leverage embedded communication capability to do the work previously required by multiple components, delivering critical information to analyze safety and system power dynamics. These capabilities are available in smaller, lower ampacity breakers than ever before, providing more granular information on connected systems and enabling greater uptime.

The globally accredited Power Defense platform meets key standards around the world, including applicable UL, International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC), China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

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