Jan 9, 2020

EIN Hellerman tubing 400HellermannTyton’s range of slit and unslit convoluted tubing, fittings, clips and clamps respond to the market’s need for a complete, lightweight solution to route and protect wire and cable.

Convoluted tubing is used wherever wiring organization, routing and protection are needed. It is popular for outdoor environments as well as automotive, marine and industrial wiring applications to protect against tampering, abrasion and crushing and the penetration of liquids and debris. Slit tubing provides easy installation and maintenance, as it can be applied to wire harnesses pre or post assembly. Unslit tubing delivers increased ingress protection.

The latest additions to the product family include one-piece, hinged fittings, which speed installation and eliminate the wasteful, temporary and unsightly practice of taping wire junctions and breakouts.

An expanded range of tubing materials provides extra chemical resistance, additional flame resistance and greater UV protection, making the product ideal for applications from inside a control panel to routing wires within manufacturing equipment to outdoors on a solar PV system.

Associate Product Manager Jason Zeitler emphasizes the market acceptance of this product family. "It’s a high-performance solution that’s popular with installers because it’s cost effective and easy to use. The hinged fittings significantly reduce assembly time and outperform alternative practices." 

The products are available now through distributors at low MOQs.

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