Sept 16, 2020

Intermatic PanelGuardCommercial/Industrial-Grade Surge Protection for your facility’s service entrance or load side. Intermatic PanelGuard Surge Protective Devices are designed to react quickly to eliminate surges providing optimal protection to downstream equipment. The PanelGuard Commercial/Industrial-Grade Series are Parallel Connected Surge Protective Devices designed to protect all types of loads fed from individual disconnects, sub-panels, distribution panels and service entrance locations.
The PanelGuard L Series offers 4 modes of surge protection and two housing options for flexible projects that require a base level of surge protection. The upgraded PanelGuard H Series includes 7 modes of protection in a single housing size, making for a premium defense against unexpected surge events.
Key Features and Benefits
• Type 1 and Type 2 Surge Protection
• Optional Audible Alarm and Dry Relay Contacts
• Rigid Watertight Metal Hub
• 4 Modes of Protection (L Series), 7 Modes of Protection (H Series)
• NFPA 780, UL 96A Lightning System Protection Compliant
• Optional Advanced Electrical Noise Filter (UL 1283)
• NEMA 4X Enclosure for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
• Individually Integrated Disconnect TPMOV Surge Protection Technology
• Blue LED Protection Status Indicator, and Red LED Service Indicator (L Series)
• Blue LED Status Indicator Per Phase, and Red LED Service Indicator (H Series)

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